Ulverston Exhibition, December 2017

Ulverston Exhibition December 2017
On 11 - 13 December 2017 there was an exhibition of Jennifer's artwork at the Coronation Hall in Ulverston, Cumbria. Approximately 200 paintings, drawings, miniature portraits and sculptures were on display, and below we've given you a look at almost all of the artwork that was exhibited.

If the walls in the photo look rather bare, it's because by the time it was taken. later on day #2, many of Jennifer's pictures had already been sold. But you can still enjoy almost all of them here.

See the interview about Jennifer from That's Cumbria with Jennifer's husband Vic

Thomas Thomas
Young Girl Young Girl
Thomas in striped shirt Thomas in striped shirt
Henry in checked shirt Henry in checked shirt
Girl with tortoiseshell cat Girl with tortoiseshell cat
Rebecca in hat Rebecca in hat
Henry and Fanna Henry and Fanna
Princess Anne Princess Anne
Rebecca Rebecca
Elizabeth Elizabeth
Thomas in his pram Thomas in his pram
Rebeccca in white blouse Rebeccca in white blouse
Mare and Foal Mare and Foal
Joan Joan
Robert Robert
Rupert Rupert
Celia Celia
Jennifer - self portrait Jennifer - self portrait
Thomas Thomas
Vic - silhouette Vic - silhouette
Joan and Daisy Joan and Daisy
Girl with long hair Girl with long hair
Mahmoud Mahmoud
Thomas Thomas
Girl from the Congo Girl from the Congo
Joan and Daisy Joan and Daisy
Girl Bathing Girl Bathing
Gentleman of the road Gentleman of the road
Girl wth cravat Girl wth cravat
Clare Clare
Gimli Gimli
Gimli Gimli